Video Assessment

As a way of minimising the effect of reduced working hours on training opportunities, the New Initiatives Unit has been trialling the use of HD video sport glasses as a means of video assessment to complement current training.

Round-the-clock availability of the glasses enable trainees to use any performance of practical procedures as a training opportunity, overcoming the barrier posed by increased out-of-hours work.

The glasses are modified to best suit the recording of close up procedures, and the lenses removed to make them less intrusive to the operator. In addition to the operator’s point-of-view camera, the procedure can also be filmed by an observer wearing a second pair of glasses and simultaneous playback of both videos enables more detailed feedback. The resultant video is subsequently analysed by a consultant and feedback given to the trainee.

We believe the glasses are a non-intrusive way of recording procedures, and enable trainees to perform as they usually would. They also enable trainees to develop a portfolio of procedures, allowing them to demonstrate consistent levels of performance. The videos can also be used as teaching tools for other trainees to demonstrate particular expertise or common pitfalls.

Trainees have been universally positive in their attitude towards this method of assessment, with the general opinion that it is far more accurate, fairer and useful, than current assessment tools.


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