About Mark Stacey

Dr Mark Stacey FRCA, MSc Med Edcid:9166F1C6-3A13-46D2-A168-29C0BE969971@cf.ac.uk

Consultant anaesthetist and Associate Dean New Initiatives

I am a Consultant Obstetric Anaesthetist and Associate Dean in Cardiff. I have extensive clinical experience on the practical management of the ‘difficult airway’.

I have been delivering and evaluating a ‘books on a phone project’ (the Welsh iDoc project in collaboration with colleagues in Curemede), which through case reports from trainees now demonstrates improved medical care.

My masters dissertation looked at ‘skills training and performance under pressure’ attempting to devise better methods of training to manage situations such as the ‘can’t intubate, can’t ventilate’ scenario.  To improve such training I explored much of the research on the performance of elite athletes and human factors. I am currently collaborating with experts in Sports psychology and business, developing a system encompassing information delivery, practical skills training and cognitive workload management under pressure to improve both the training and performance of skills.

I am a keen cyclist, avid Welsh rugby supporter and am learning to crash a unicycle.

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